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How To Increase Blog Traffic by 306%

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How To Increase Blog Traffic

How To Increase Blog Traffic

How To Increase Blog traffic is a very hot and trending topic right now in the world of SEO, Digital Marketing etc.

Almost all Bloggers and Major Companies Wants to increase blog traffic to increase their visitors or customers.

But How Many of you know the correct formula of increase blog traffic?

According to my views, only 30-50% of people know how to improve their website SEO, increase blog traffic etc.

And rest of the people don't know how to improve SEO, increase blog traffic, maintain their website etc.

And they all are doing wrong things which affect their SEO and ranking.

So Do you want some tips or strategies To increase blog traffic?

Then you are on the right place Today, I am gonna tell you 5 way To Increase Blog Traffic.

Let's Get Started

  • Social Shares
  • Delete Zombie Pages
  • Headlines and Content
  • Backlinks
  • Add Social Sharing Buttons

Social Shares

How To Increase Blog Traffic

We all know the power of social media and social sites.

It is one of the best ways to Increase Blog Traffic for free and without SEO.

You can get thousands of visitors or engagements to your blog or website through social media.

You can easily promote your content on social media for free.

For Best Results, I suggest you join some Large Facebook groups, Linkedin Groups etc.

Or you can Create Facebook Page and Linkedin page, increase twitter following etc.

Delete Zombie Pages

How To Increase Blog Traffic

Delete Zombie Pages can be a great way to improve your ranking and create a reputation of your Blog in front of Search Engine and Your Visitors.

Alright, Zombie Pages refers to the Pages on your website or Blog which possess no value So it is better to delete them.

Google itself stated that a large amount of content on your blog doesn't improve your SEO or ranking.

All that matter is Quality of your Articles.

If you have only 100 pages on your blog which contain quality information, data etc.

Then your blog ranks higher than the blog which has 1000 pages on their blog but cannot contain any value.

It is a proven way to increase your blog traffic by 102%.

Headlines and Content


How To Increase Blog Traffic

(Image Credit: Infobeep)

Headlines Play a Major Role in SEO.

Great and Attractive Headlines helps you to increase users engagements, Improve CTR (Click Through Rate), increase organic traffic etc.

Not only in Search Engine but also on Social Media Longer and questioning headlines attracts more users.

If you are not good at writing Attractive Headlines.

Then I will recommend you to use: Hubspot Title Generator to create amazing and professional looking Titles.

And don't forget to include your targeted keyword in headlines.


We all know the Golden Rule of SEO that is 'Content is the King'.

Well According to my views 'Content is always King' in future updates also.

Now an important point to keep in mind before writing any post. 

Is that you are writing Content for your users, not for search engines bots.

I observe on many blogs that in order to rank their website they write content to impress search engines.

But your visitors are not search engines bots.

If they cannot find useful content on your blog.

Then they click back and visit another blog.

Which is not good for your SEO and increase your bounce rate also.


How To Increase Blog Traffic

We All know the importance of Backlinks.

Backlinks are still considered in the top 3 ranking factors of Google.

Backlinks also improve your (E-A-T) Expertise- Authority-trustworthiness, Domain Authority etc.

Backlinks also offer referral traffic to you from other blogs or websites.

You can learn more about Backlinks here: Backlinks Ultimate Guide.

Add Social Sharing Buttons

How To Increase Blog Traffic

(Image credits: War Fare Plugins)

Social Sharing Buttons is again a great way to improve your website traffic.

If you are writing amazing posts and someone read it and he wants to share your article on social media.

Then how can he share your article if you don't have any social sharing buttons on your blog?

You can even see social sharing buttons on my blog below every blog post.

These help me to generate a lot of traffic for free.


Hi, Guys, I hope you like the article these are some proven ways to increase blog traffic.

If you have some more tips to increase blog traffic then let's discuss in comments.

You must focus on some other factor in order to increase blog traffic like SEO, Domain Authority, etc.

If you have any queries related to this article or you think we need to improve any of our articles then please tell us in comments.

This really helps us to improve our blog.

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