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                       OFF PAGE SEO

off page seo

Recently we talk about on page SEO we discover and learns a lot from it.

But whenever we talk about off page SEO only few things that comes in your mind like link building and social shares.

We got confused about what are the techniques of OFF page SEO and how to improve it.

Link building is not only the technique of OFF page SEO.

Today I'm gonna tell you how can you improve your OFF page SEO.

Let's first understand what is off page SEO

OFF Page SEO can be defined as the techniques or activities can be performed outside the boundaries of your website.

Which are used to improve ranking of your blog or website and drive more organic traffic.

Now let's talk about some methods or techniques about off page SEO

Link building 

As we all know how important is link building.

Building links or referring other domains helps you to get quality backlinks.

That improves your DA and PA we all know that domain with higher DA will rank higher in Google.

Social shares

off page seo

There are many social site like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc.

They have millions of users or visitors. If you share your website content on these social platforms.

Then you will get a huge amount of traffic.

Google now also considers Social shares as an important factor of OFF Page SEO.


Accelerated mobile pages is an new feature by which you can make your website load superfast.

You can simply identify AMP websites by an thunder symbol on below of website.

You observe that the websites which have AMP on their blog will always rank higher.

You can Simply install AMP on WordPress by applying an simple plugin.

But in blogger that is not possible you may have upload an AMP template but still they cannot work properly.

Add Schema

The most important thing to outrank your competitor is to add Schema on your blog.

Tis will help search engine to understand about your content easily.

A simple example is star rating or reviews on your website .

off page seo

Remove 404 error 

404 errors are the web pages on your website which cannot work properly or may be broken links.

You should remove them from your blog because this might be affect your blog ranking.

CTR (click through rate)

This means you have to improve the CTR of your website

because CTR will help your website to rank higher.

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