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On Page SEO

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                     ON PAGE SEO

on page seo

Whenever we talk about SEO two things that comes in our mind immediately is On Page SEO and OFF Page SEO.

If you are an blogger you might be aware about how important is On Page SEO.

Let's focus on our today's topic is On Page SEO.

On Page SEO - These are the techniques used to make our blog post SEO friendly as well as user friendly to improve our ranking and  drive more organic traffic.

As we all know our website will not only depend upon On page SEO but it was also depend upon OFF Page SEO metrics.

Let's talk about how can you improve your On Page SEO.

Post title

Before we do any SEO on our blog post.

The most important thing is to choose an Attractive and Catchy post title because it is the first thing that an visitor see in SERP.

on page seo

So try to give an Attractive and Catchy title to your blog post.

Tip - Always keep your targeted keyword in Post title.

Use H1 H2 tags

on page seo

If you are writing an blog post always remember you must use H1,H2 tags or headings because it always help visitors to easily understand your article and take positive actions towards your blog.

I will suggest you to use H1 tag only once is enough and not use H2 tag more than 5-6 times.

Tip - Always use your targeted keywords in your headings because that considered to be SEO friendly.

Image alt text 

Whenever you use an image on your blog post don't forget to enter its alt text.

on page seo

Because images get also rank on Google.

Google was unable to scan images if there is no alt text.

So alt text is the only way by which Google identifies the image and rank it on Google.

Tip - use targeted keyword in image alt text. This will increase your visitors on your website.

Use videos 
Use videos in your blog will not only increase the media on your blog post but also attract visitors to your content.

And If they watch your videos it means they spend more time on your blog this will also reduce your Bounce rate.

Write Articles in short paragraphs
I always recommend you to write a blog post in short paragraph.

Because I think if you're writing an long paragraph your visitors will get difficulty in reading the Articles.

And then they click back and visit another website that can increase your bounce rate and might affect your blog ranking.

I will suggest you to write in short paragraphs which can be easy to understand.

Keyword density 

Most of the new bloggers want that there articles should rank on Google within short time.

So they do Black hat SEO on their website like keyword stuffing.

They choose an particular keyword and start repeating it continously in their article.

on page seo

Which is considered as keyword stuffing and this type of technique might block your website from Google or any other search engine.

Tip - I will suggest you to use minimum keyword density is 2-3%

URL structure

URL Structure or permalinks can be considered as important part of On page SEO.

on page seo

It is the apperance of your webpage link.

You must avoid the use of numbers in permalinks 

Tip - Remove stop words from URL like A, An, The, is etc then it looks liike this.

On Page SEO

Meta description 

When you are writing meta description of your blog post always keep in mind that it must be 65 to 75 characters.

And always use your targeted kewywords in it.

Try write it attractive and catchy that visitors will immediately click on it when they see it in SERP.
on page seo

This will help you to improve your CTR.

Word Density per Post

Whenever you write an article always keep in mind that it must carry minimum 700 words.

If you are writing article with less word density it might cannot be rank on Google.


If you really want to improve your ranking and make your blog SEO Friendly.

Then it must be sure that your Blog load fast.

You can check your page speed in Google speed insights.

on page seo

Here you will also get the issues that reduce your page speed you must remove them from your website.

Inbound and outbound link

Internal linking is very important for your blog.

So whenever you write an new Article you must give your old blog posts links there.

This ensures that user will spend more time on your blog and improve your ranking.

On Page SEO

In Outbound linking

If you are talking about some other bloggers or other website in your blog post.

Then you must give them an dofollow backlink on your blog.

This will increases chances that they give an link back to your website that will increase your DA (Domain Authority)


I hope you like the article as you can see there's a lot to learn which may help you to improve your SEO.

If you have any query related to this Article.

You can ask in comments.

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