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What is blogging

What is Blogging

Whenever I ask people why did they do blogging.

Many of them give me the most common answer.

And answer is to make money.

Well today I am trying my best to share my knowledge about what is blogging.

Let's first understand

what is a blog 

What is a Blog

A blog is a informative online journal website where we share our views or interact with their users or customers.

Let's Take an example to understand what is blog.

If you have any query related to any topics.

I am sure you must search on Google.

Then you can see the unlimited results about your query.

Then you visits a blog or website and you will get the solution of your query.

Well that are blogs which are handled by an individual or a group of people.

Will it is easy to create a blog but it is harder to rank it on Google.

Because there are millions of blogs or website which try hard to rank no. 1 on Google.

Because Google always try to provide only valuable content which can solve their queries.

What is blogging

What is Blogging

According to me blogging is a skill or art required to run an blog.

It is not easy to run and rank an blog.

Here comes an question 'why people do blogging'

There are many reasons to do blogging. 

But I think the main reasons are 

  1. To earn money.
  2. To interact with your customers.
  3. To share your views.
Whenever you think to start an blog or Do blogging.

I always recommend you to follow your passion, interest or hobbies.

Because it will help you in blogging to discover new ideas.

Many peoples making huge mistakes in choosing a right Niche.

Mostly people takes Make Money Online or making news websites later they cannot get any result because the competition is already high in these categories or niches.

There are also many good niches like sports, home and kitchen, beauty blogs.

So always follow only those niches where you are interested. 

Some tips related to blogging 

Always remember whenever you do blogging try to make an impact.

If your blog is not making an impact so I am sorry making money from blog is not considered by you. 

Whenever an user read your blog post he must challanged to take a positive action towards your blog.

Here comes an Question is 'How can you make an impact on your blog'?

The answer is very simple you have to provide them updated information, use easy language, help others people to learn skills from your blog, provide best services. 

Always try to solve user queries.

Because if an people search an query on Google and he cannot get any conclusion or solution after reading your blog post.

Then I am sure he cannot returns to your blog next time.

So always try to solve others problems.

So friends these are the my simple knowledge about. 

What is blogging I hope you like it and please tell me in comments and share your views about this article.

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