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 What is SEO and How it works

What is SEO and How it works

What is SEO 

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an technique or methods used to rank an website or blog on search engines like Google,Yahoo,Bing etc for free.

Why SEO is important 

if you run an website or blog.

SEO is gonna be very important for you to rank no.1 on Google or any other search engines.

Search is a huge source of traffic.

Almost over 75% of all traffic starts or comes from Google and rest 25% comes from other search engines like Yahoo,Bing and yandex.

Approximately 70% of all clicks goes to the first 7 results on Google.

Website which is SEO optimized and SEO Friendly will rank higher in search engines.

When you search on Google you can see at the top there are millions of result related to your search queries.

What is SEO and How it works

Will you ever think why Google shows only some results to you on his first page.

Because Google always want that there users will get best results whenever they search.

How does Google determine the best results?

Finding the best results out of millions is just like to finding a needle from the garbage.

It is not that easy to find best results from Google.

Then how Google find best results?

In order to bring best results Some algorithms  of Google or any other search engines work.

Google or any others search engines doesn't make the inner workings of algorithims public.

From our long lasting research we found that Google ranking of an website or web page will based on.

Domain authority 

Domain Authority

Domain authority is a way to finding either the content is accurate and trustworthy.

Domain authority of an website will be determined by the number of web pages or website links to other website or web pages.

These are also known as backlinks.

Keywords Research
Before doing any SEO on your website always remember keyword research.

There are many keyword research tools like Google keyword planner,ahrefs,Semrush,at etc.

Keyword research

You Must do the correct keyword research that your user will search on Google.

You must drill down to the exact word and phrases that your customer type into the search box.


Useful content

What is SEO and How it works

Mostly people think that quality content rank higher in Google but it is not so much true.

Lets's understand this with an Example.

Suppose you are writing an informative article about 'How to write SEO friendly Content'.

You write article well SEO friendly and optimized but if it is not useful to user then it cannot be performed well.

I mean that in writing informative article you may used hard language or write too deeply that user was unable to understand it.

Then it cannot be get rank higher.

If you write article in an easy language with full of information. 

Then I am 101% sure that it will rank higher.

Write SEO friendly content 

Write Seo friendly content

Whenever you write an article make it sure that it will be SEO friendly content.

Well I already told you how to write SEO Friendly content in previous articles.

You can read there an detailed article on how to write SEO friendly content.


Hi friends, I hope you like the article and 
understand about what is SEO and How it works.

You can see there is a lot of information which can help you to improve your SEO.

Well In this Article I cannot include other important concepts like 

White,Black and Grey Hat SEO

ON and OFF Page SEO

Because these are important factors of SEO and need an detailed article Which I cannot Cover Here.

Now,I you have any query related to this articl you can ask in comments.

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