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White vs Black hat SEO:(Which Hat is better for you)

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              White vs Black hat SEO

White vs black hat SEO

White vs Black hat SEO if you are someone who running an blog or a website from a long period of time.

Then you must know about white and black hat SEO these are important parts of SEO.

But newbies find it hard to differentiate between these two types of SEO.

Some people try black hat SEO techniques to rank higher in Google in less or short time.

Sometimes they implement white hat SEO techniques to an extent that it becomes black hat SEO.

So how can you maintain your website to make it SEO Friendly.

First talk about Black hat SEO technique

Black Hat SEO

White vs black hat SEO

As the black colour indicate something Evil or bad.

Well these are the techniques people use to rank website in a short time.

What actually happened they successfully rank website in short time.

But as we all know bad or Evil ways can not stand for long time.

Those who do Black hat SEO on their website to rank in Google.

As a result their website will be block,
blacklisted or may be considered as spamming by search engines.

There are many techniques which can be called as Black hat SEO technique.

Which are not accepted by any search engine

Today I am telling you some shortcuts or faulty measures which are called as Black hat SEO Techniques.

Lets first we talk about cloaking


What is Cloaking

 In simple Word cloaking is to create two different versions of page for search engine and visitor's.

Let's understand it with an simple example

If an web page or website is about food recipes.

In Google it is Statisfied with the process used in preparing it.

But when user click on it Visitor's get something entirely different on display like Porns,movies etc.

These are not good for user as well as search engines and might affect your ranking.

Here's an video which help you to understand cloaking more easily.

Keyword stuffing

Most of the newbies don't have patience they want their article rank fast on Google or any other search engines.

So what they do they choose a particular keyword and start using in article continously.

White vs black hat SEO

The approximate keyword density is 2 to 3 percent using more than this in article is just like creating an illusion to Google bots and this might be considered as keyword stuffing.

This may remove your website from search engine.

Mirror blogs or websites
In this process a person hosting multiple website or blog but they provide similar type of content in both of them websites

Meta tag stuffing 
Whenever you are writing Meta tag keywords always keep in mind that use of particular keyword in meta tags continuously can also be treated as meta tag stuffing.

Link exchange  Mostly newbies do this mistake they need everything in short time.

They want quality backlinks will every one wish to get quality backlinks but it is quite difficult to find and get quality backlinks.

So most of them search on other platforms like Fiverr you get thousands of backlinks in just 5$ to 10$ after buying them they thinks that they hit an Jackpot.

But later they realises that these backlinks were coming from Spam or automated website.

And actually they act as negative SEO on your website.

I always recommend you to build backlinks naturally by your own.

White hat SEO 

White vs black hat SEO

White hat SEO is just opposite of Black hat SEO.
These are the techniques which are SEO friendly.

These techniques are highly recommended to follow to make your website SEO friendly.

The techniques are.


First and the most important thing in SEO is avoiding Deception.

You must provide original content of your own and never try to copy anyone else content.

Always write unique content for both Google bots and visitors.

Good quality content
Good quality content is the content which carry a lot of information and helpful content for both search engine and visitors.

Follow search engine guidelines
We all know why SEO is important.

It is important to increase performance of websites.

To make sure that websites achieve its objectives.

But in achieving this target never ignores Search Engine Guidelines this might affect your seo badly.

You can read official Google Webmaster guidelines here

I hope you like this Article.

You can see there is a lot to learn about White and black hat SEO.

I Hope you understand the difference between these two types of SEO

If you have any question or query related to this article you can ask in Comments

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