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 How to create Instagram account

Create Instagram Account

Instagram is the world's Third largest social networking site after YouTube and Facebook.

Almost every person and even kids are using Instagram for free and sharing, images, videos comments, and likes other people posts on Instagram.

Instagram has billions of monthly active users which make Instagram a huge social media platform.

Instagram was found in 2010 by Kevin Systrom and Mike Kriege and within a short period of time, it becomes the most popular social media platform.

You can easily create Instagram account with just a few simple steps.

But if you are a beginner or new to Instagram and you want that someone guides you to create Instagram Account than you are in the right place.

Hi, guys Welcome to TechHider today I am gonna tell you How to create Instagram account. Just follow these simple steps given below.

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Follow these simple steps to create Instagram Account Without any errors or problems.

STEP 1 - FIrst thing you have to download the Instagram app from Google Play Store/any other store or simply click here to download it.

Create Instagram Account

Step 2 - Now open the app and you see this type of interface given below.

Create Instagram Account

Step 3 - As you can see in the above picture you can sign in with your Facebook account or create an new Instagram account.

Step 4 - Let's create a new Instagram Account by click on 'Sign up with E-mail Address or Phone Number' As you see in the above picture.

Step 5 - you can sign up by E-mail address or phone number you can choose an option there.

Step 6 - Let's sign up with E-mail address. Now just enter your email address and click next.

Create Instagram Account

Step 7 - After click next you, have to enter your full name or username.

The username appears on your Instagram ID after creating it.

Now create your password for your account security. And click next.

Sorry, We are unable to take a screenshot of this step due to Instagram privacy and security Guidelines.

Step 8 - After click next You see this type of interface as given in below picture. Now just click next.

Create Instagram Account

Step 9 - After click next Instagram asks you for your Instagram profile photo you can take one or skip this.
Create Instagram Account

Step 10 - After taking a profile picture or skip this your account was successfully created and ready to use.


Hi, guys I hope you like the article as you can see this is an detailed article on 'How to Create Instagram Account'.

I am sure after reading this article you can easily create Instagram Account without any difficulty.

But further if you are facing any difficulty or want to ask some question related to this article you can ask in the comment section.

Thank you.

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