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Backlinks: Ultimate Guide

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Backlinks: Ultimate Guide

About The Author 

Hi, Guys, My Name is Khan Saab, I am not a professional or Pro Blogger but have a good knowledge of Blogging, Seo, Youtube etc.

My Blog Techider was Online Since April 2019, We Try our best by working all day to grow up our website.

If You have any query or you think we need to Improve any of our Article Than Please it's a request you can tell us in comments. 

This Helps us a lot in growing our blog.

Thank You.

Let's Get Started

Backlinks:Ultimate Guide

Topics Cover In This Page

  • What Are Backlinks (Basics)?

  • Why Backlinks is Important for Seo.

  • Avoid These Mistakes During Making Backlinks.

  • How To Create Backlinks

What Are Backlinks (Basics)

Backlinks - Backlinks are the links from other websites to your website or it can be said that backlinks are the 'votes' for your website from other websites.

In Simple words, Backlinks are of two types.

DoFollow BacklinksDofollow links are the links which tell search engines to follow them and reach our website. These links are highly valuable and improve ranking.

NoFollow Backlinks - No Follow Backlinks are the links which tell the search engine not to follow them and these links also not possess any link value.

Why backlinks are important For Seo.

Backlinks:Ultimate Guide

Backlinks are an essential part of off page SEO which determines the authority of a website and improves its (E-A-T) Expertise-Authority-Trustworthiness

A New Myth was revolved around the world of SEO in 2019.

That's is Backlinks is no more matter for SEO in 2019.

But That was absolutely wrong.

According to Google PageRank algorithm, Backlinks is still considered in the top 3 Google ranking factors.

According to my views without Backlinks, it is almost impossible to find and rank your website.

We all know that backlinks improve our website Ranking but did you know how?

In simple words, Backlinks improve our (DA) Domain Authority and a website which has a higher Domain Authority or Backlinks will rank higher than other websites.

But that is not true about all quantity does not matter in front of quality.

You Know what guys A Quality link is 10 times more powerful than spam or low-quality link.

Let's Understand this with an Example

For Example - if your competitor has thousands of Backlinks then it is not gonna be easy to chase him.

But if your competitor has thousands of Backlinks from lower (DA) sites than it was a bonus point for you.

In case of this, you must focus on Quality, not on Quantity.

You have to start taking backlinks from quality websites or blog.

Some of The Quality Sites Wikipedia, Techcrunch,, Backlinko.

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Avoid these Mistakes During Creating Backlinks.

Avoid Paid links: 

If you are from one of those who buy Backlinks from Fiverr or any other platform.

Then you are doing extremely wrong.

There's a lot of spam or fraud on these platforms people give you spam or fraud Backlinks.

As you can see on any platform like Fiverr, up work etc.

Where you can get thousands of Backlinks in just dollar $5 to $10.

And many people get attracted to them and Purchase them.

After sometimes they realise that this was a huge mistake for them.

Because later they come to know that these links come from spam sites and act as negative SEO.

This may affect your sites very badly or outrank your website from search engine.

Avoid PBN (Private Blogging Network):

Backlinks:Ultimate Guide

There are thousands of bloggers on the web who you can create a (PBN) and get Backlinks.

Now here puts up a Question that.

What is PBN (Private Blog Network)?

PBN (Private Blogging Network) what actually happened in this people start making a lot of blogs.

Where they start giving Backlinks to themselves.

Well, this was not the right way.

It is a Black hat SEO technique and now Google takes strict actions to (PBN).

And already ban the websites who use (PBN) to get Backlinks.

You can learn more about PBN here: Private Blog Networks

Backlink generator tools: 

You can see hundreds of Backlink generator tools in web.

Most of the Newbies do this mistake they start generating Backlinks through tools.

Because they need Backlinks in a short time.

Again Backlinks generator is not good for your site health because here you can get only spam and fraud links and down your ranking.

Avoid low-quality Backlinks

On the web, there are lots of low-quality Backlinks.

Low-quality Backlinks may be new blogs with great content you can link with them. 

But there are a lot of new bloggers who stop working after some days if you cannot see some updates for months from a new blog then you can disavow them.

Because these new blogs which are unable to grow may affect your SEO badly.

Avoid Too Many Dofollow outbound links

According to the Google PageRank Algorithm, too many do follow outbound links may dilute your Website, Seo.

Many Outbound links also distract your users from your content.

According to my views, 3-5 Outbound Backlinks was enough for SEO.

How to create Backlinks.

Backlinks:Ultimate Guide

Now guys before starting this topic I want to ask you a question that is.

How can you create Backlinks for your website or blog?

Let me guess the answer 'Blog Commenting' is that your answer.

Then you are on the wrong track. If you have any unique way to create Backlinks then let's discuss in comments.

Blog commenting is not working at all in 2019 this method may work in previous years may be in 2016 to 2017.

But now Google is smart enough about all these types of things and strike them with their Algorithm penalties.

You know What guys if you create a large number of Backlinks via Blog commenting.

Then your site may be considered as spam sites and you know very well if your site considered spam on the search engine you can lose your site permanently.

Now it's a new era of 2019 and Google search engine upgrading their algorithm day by day so it's time to upgrade ourselves also because in this Era our old methods will not gonna work.

So here Some are the new methods to create Backlinks that working well today.

Let's Get Started

  • E-mail outreach 
  • Remind people about their website
  • Blog directories 
  • Review top companies
  • Writes awesome content
  • Social Shares
  •  Question and answer in websites 
  • Find people who use your images 
  • Ask for Backlinks to your friends 
  •  Guest Posting

E-mail Outreach 

Now you can understand with the term E-mail outreach means you have to find your competitor E-mail or contact him by any method.

Now write a Simple and Sweet E-mail and E-mail him and ask for a Backlink.

This may increase your probability of getting Backlinks and also helps to build a community and reputation towards your blog.

I recommend you to use to find a person contatct method.

Remind People About their Blog

All Bloggers Know that blogging and write a post consumes a lot of time.

So Many Bloggers especially Pro Bloggers cannot steal much time to maintain their Website.

Now if you can steal 1-2 hours per day for this you can create a great reputation in front of Major or Pro Bloggers.

So What you have to do is to check competitors website in any SEO tools like Ahrefs or Semrush.

And Check it for broken links, Content problem etc.

Broken link Method

Backlinks:Ultimate Guide

Now You can successfully find broken links of your competitors now you have to find a way to contact him.

I recommend to use to find a person contact information.

Now write a sweet and emotional message and inform him for their broken links and also send him the links in the message which are broken.

And if you have a related blog post or Article related to any of their broken link then request him to replace the broken link with your link.

And if He/She click and read your article and find it useful for him.

Then he definitely gonna link back to you. And you get a dofollow Backlink.

Content Problems

Just Imagine you Reading a Blog post whether for any topic related to your niche. 

And you find some grammar mistakes, or find that this contains an old content and data then told him about this.

This can create a good reputation for you in front of him.

You don't want to do much anything else in this basically I read a lot of blog posts on the web for learning new thing and sometimes I found these types of mistakes because that is common.

This method helps me a lot to create Backlinks and a reputation in front of Major Blogs.

Blog Directories 

Blog Directories is a great way to get a lot of Backlinks.

You don't do much do for it just find some best Blog directories and submit your blog.

But always keep in mind.

The Blog directories you are using are of good quality and trusty.

Here is a small list of Blog directories Which I use personally.


Review Top Companies:

If you are interested in getting Backlinks from a Higher Authority and Trustworthy companies or brands like Facebook Grammarly etc.

Then this method is for you.

If you are an expert in writing reviews or quality content.

Then write a review about a company their services and customer support or anything else.

Or you can also mention Somewhere in content and recommend to use it.

And later Contact them and tell them that you mention them in your blog post.

And if they read your post.

They may be impressed by your article and link back to you.

Write Awesome Content:

Now you can easily understand what I mean by this heading.

That is you have to write quality and useful content for users.

And according to a report an Article which cover every topic in depth and contain 2000-4000 word (approx).

Will Rank higher in comparison to short articles and tend to generate more Backlinks and social shares.

Social Shares:

Backlinks:Ultimate Guide

When you finish writing an awesome blog post which is fully optimized and ready to generate more Backlinks or engagements.

The next step is to take by you is to promote your post and Social media is the best way to promote your content.

Through Social Media, a lot of people read your article and if your article posses some value then they will try to link to you.

Social Shares also helps in ranking your website.

Question and Answering Websites:

Question and Answering websites like Quora and Yahoo Answers was a great place to find answers to every question and these websites also possess great authority and link quality.

Sometimes I answer people and try to create a reputation of me.

In return for helping them some of them mention my blog link on their website as a helping hand or contributor.

After all, that is a great way to get Backlinks.

Find People Who use your Image:

You already know that creating engaging images, infographics, videos etc. 

Consume a lot of talent, hard work and time.

That's why some people download or uses other blogs images on their website.

Some of them give credit to you but some are not.

So if you find Someone who uses your images, videos, infographics contact them and tell them to give credit and links to you.

Ask for Backlinks to your friends:

If you have a lot of friends or relatives who do blogging then you can simply ask them to link to you.

But if you don't have any blogger friends and relatives then join some facebook groups and ask them for Backlinks.

Beware of (Bad Neighbourhood)  means who contain spam sites and have low quality links this may destroy your blog.

Guest Posting:

Guest Posting is an old and most satisfying method to create Backlinks.

Guest Post in 2019 and maybe in future gonna work great.

If you have an art of writing and have different ideas. Then just go and find Major blogs like which allow you to write a guest post.

Write a Guest Post for a website and get do follow Backlinks for free.


Hi, Guys, I hope you like the article on Backlinks - Ultimate Guide.

You can see there is a lot of things to learn about Backlinks.

Not Only these But also some other Backlink factors works great according to my views.

Maybe we discuss these later.

Now it's your turn to share your views or queries in comments.

And Don't Forget to connect with us on social media.

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